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Blues Third Jersey Makes Debut Sunday

By Sean Gallagher

At least the shoulder looks nice.As pointed out by our ever-vigilant poster JGB, the Blues will unveil the new third jersey tomorow at FAN!fest. The jersey, the shoulder of which is seen at left, was designed by the same company that came up with the new jerseys last season as well as the new jerseys back in 1998. Hopefully that means these won't be a complete mess.

The jerseys, which also include the old-school tie at the neck (which has never been used on a Blues jersey before) can be pre-ordered beginning Sunday, but won't be available until Nov. 19, just two days before they make their on-ice debut in a home game against the Ducks.

What is it the web kids say now? Meh.Of course, information on what the jerseys will look like has been out for quite some time, leading to people on the internets like those at to fashion their own mock-ups of what the third jerseys will look like. Based on the Blues statement, this probably isn't too far off.

1. Navy Blue trimmed in 'white gold.'

2. Bluenote in front of the Arch within a gold circle of the words 'St. Louis Blues.'

3. Drawstring at the neck.

4. Special 'extra poochie' cut for our more portly fans.

Based on that, it seems like the way the logo is presented here is a little off, so we'll have to see tomorrow.

[Edit: Here it is. We've obviously 'borrowed' the shots from the Blues' site, but since they're trying to attract attention to their new merchandise, I doubt they'll mind too much. Plus, we shot our own pics at FanFest today, but they weren't quite as nice as these.]

Brad Boyes dons the new gear:

Most fans seemed to like them, just not love them.

EDIT: Here are some photos from reader ramtheory:

Up close of the front.

White numbers look SHARP on the dark material.

The whole uniform, and accidental comparisons to the current and a throwback.