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Blues Open At Kansas City

Some fans look like they were dressed for a rodeo.

By Brad Lee

The Blues began their exhibition schedule Monday night with a game in Kansas City against the Scouts L.A. Kings. It was the first hockey game for the UFO-looking Sprint Center.

One of the leading contenders for an expansion or relocated team, K.C. didn't exactly fill the place with an announced crowd of 11,603. That's about 5,600 short of a sellout. We will not mention that the attendance for Blues home exhibition games might not be much more. Nope. Won't mention it.

Someone calling himself KCbluesfan who resembles my brother attended the game and posted these comments on another post:

Went to the first exhibition game tonight in KC - the Sprint Center was buzzing with excitement over having the first hockey game in the new facility. According to Yahoo, almost 12,000 fans - nice feeling to see so many people in KC excited about hockey (and something other than KU basketball). I was impressed with how most of the fans got into the game - though, many of those folks were obviously STL transplants like myself. Of course, there were many indicators that KC isn't exactly used to hockey - the ushers were all given large red stop signs to hold that said "Wait! Puck in Play!" and others wore Sprint Center hockey sweaters - I wasn't aware that our new arena had a team...and saw one KC scouts sweater, which I'd never seen before.

Mason didn't look too hot in the net - LA's first goal easily whizzed past him like he wasn't even watching. Oshie looked small out there (especially compared to Berglund), but played his heart out for an exhibition game. DJ King was showing off for KC, too - two fights: the first a scuffle that resulted in a roughing call and the second a major for fighting - the fans loved it. Looking forward to the season.

Oh yeah - forgot to mention that Horn Man and his entourage made the trip to KC for the game. Towel Boy was absent. We know who the true fan is...
Who said younger brothers aren't worth a damn? We had other "correspondents" at the game and we'll either let them go hog wild in the comments or post them in this here thread. Below, photographic evidence that D.J. King is a dangerous man.

D.J. King, apparently took offense to a comment about his condo.