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Add Manny to the list of people who would’ve made a better Captain than Brewer…

~From the Fantasy Files

Former Vancouver captain Marcus Naslund left the team for greener pastures over the summer, leaving the Canucks with a vacancy for the leadership role.

They've found their man.

Goaltender Roberto Luongo becomes the first pad-man in 60 years to officially be named as his team's captain, following in the footsteps of Montreal's Bill Durnan. The NHL prohibits backstops from wearing the "C", and Vancouver won't be expect Luongo to take care of on-ice duties as alternate Mattias Ohlund is slated to take care of ceremonial faceoffs and pre-game handshakes while alternate Willie Mitchell handles any necessary litigation with referees. Ryan Kesler will also serve as an alternate captain.

To further distinguish himself from Brewer, Luongo displays his ability to remain upright on the ice without using his stick for support.

So - toss Manny's name onto the long list of Blues who would have made a better Captain than Mr. Roboto, filing him right in-between Jackman and Mayers.