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The Winter Classic, Blues-Style

Why hello there, wildly hungover/still up and drunk friends! Welcome to the first day of the best year of your lives. Too bad you're welcoming it in with a raging hangover and/or still drunk.


Sometimes beer makes me make bad decisions.

Want better news? The two hockey teams that you hate the most are the only game in town today! Even better, it's the gimmicky Winter Classic! Want bad jerseys, contrived plot lines and announcers who force it down your throat as to just how historic this is?

You got it, bro. In spades.

However, even if it is a gimmick, it's a gimmick that works. We know we'll be watching and we know you'll be watching too. There will be a sweet internet-wide domination 2009 live blog occuring at various sites across the web today and we're among the group of folks who will host it. Come back at 11 central to check out the sweet realtime love that James Mirtle and the hockey wing of SBNation is bringing in conjunction with Puck Daddy.

But that doesn't start until 11. And the game doesn't get going until 12.

In the meantime, let's use the comments on this thread to tell everyone else your best and worst stories from last night and this morning. Trust us, we'll all feel better if we know others are suffering as bad as we are.