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Your Comedy Assignment: LOLBluez

Full disclosure on this assignment: we completely stole this idea.

Most of you are familiar with LOLCats/ICanHasCheezburger by now. Some of you may have also seen similar items on, the Failblog or in several emails a day coopting these sites.

Twisting the funny a bit, some of you may have even seen the great example our friends at Pension Plan Puppets put up. They have a site they link to a lot called Loser Domi where they've done a lot of these under the heading of LOLeafs. Case in point:


So, you know what we're looking for now. You all are a bunch of funny bastards with 'quick wit and lots of free time' as one of you mentioned during the live blog the other night. (Cough, Tim, cough).

To make it easy for you, here are four steps for you to win this assignment:

1. Check out ROFLbot, where you can upload or import any picture you want and then caption it. Feel free to use the format of LOLcats, Fail or any other format you find funny. Use Blues as your subject, Red Wings, Blackhawks, whomever. Being funny is more important than being restricted by a bunch of shitty rules.

2. Post it here as a FanShot.

3. No idea what Step Three should be.

4. Profit.

But, you ask, profit how?

We don't know, we answer. But there will be some sort of prize for the winner, whether it be a couple of terrible tickets to an upcoming Blues game, a puck signed by a player (some might suggest Chris Porter... hmm? Hmmm?) or some other such item.

Have your picture in the FanShots posted by next Friday, Jan. 23 for consideration. We'll probably pick the best ones and post a story showcasing them with a poll at the end to determine the winner.

Good luck!