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Top 11 Comments Made in the Boston Locker Room Yesterday

11.  So. Who had Backes?

10.  Well, unlike those guys, we're dealing with a lot of injuries.

9.    Hey Wheeler. Turn off the fucking boombox.

8.    Y'know, that kind of thing could happen to anyone.

7.    So Tim. Why'd you attack the goal, bro?

6.    Is it racist if I tell the media that I hate MLK day?

5.    Boy, we had a couple good minutes there, didn't we?

4.    Now I have to drink on a Monday.

3.    It never happens like this on NHL09.

2.    You know, that Hinote fuckwad was right. The logo on these jerseys does kinda look like a mushroom top.

1.    Who knew eight seconds could be so long?

From the 12 Fluid Ounces of Gallagher's Brain