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Slap Shot Actor Passes

We missed this when it occured, but Brad Sullivan, better know to hockey fans as Morris "Mo" Wanchuk of Slap Shot fame, passed away on Dec. 31, 2008. He was 77 and died peacefully in Manhatten, NY.


Put No. 2 in the rafters in Charlestown.

Mr. Sullivan was a character actor who also had turns in television shows like Miami Vice, NYPD Blue and Law & Order as well as movies like The Untouchables, Prince of Tides and Canadian Bacon.

But to us, he'll always be the man who taught us about that little bar, The Palm Isle, where the barmaids are wont to rub their jugs on your jacket without even saying hello.

Short of heading out to The Palm Isle to hoist a shot in Mo's honor, you can read our tribute to Reg Dunlop and the best Slap Shot quotes that we did after Paul Newman died last year.

Or you can watch the man himself explain it all...

R.I.P. Mo. Hope you're getting 'all of that gorgeous snatch in F-L-A.'