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Contest Reminder: LOLBluez Submissions Closed. Rules Finally Clarified.

Folks, we have to admit it; this thing worked out better than we'd hoped. Your submissions for the LOLBluez contest have been hilarious and now we're down to the hard part: picking the winner.

As per the quasi-rules we posted, today is the end date for the contest. Have your submissions in the FanShots section of the page no later than 7 p.m. Friday night (Central time) to make sure they are considered by the judges for the final grouping.

We've actually narrowed down a couple other items, too. The winner will have his/her choice on prizes; you can either 'Take The Publisher's Seats' or claim a signed Alex Pietrangelo puck.

Anyone who elects to take the tickets will get two tickets to a mutally agreed upon game and you'll sit in my season ticket seats. That's right, you and a guest will bask in the glory that is Sec. 307. (307 is home of the Red Berenson Cowboy, the section that screams at Towel Boy to "Juuuuump!" after every goal and the home of the guys who boo every opposing fan in a jersey during both intermissions. It's pretty much Blues Hockey Utopia.)

If you live outside of the general St. Louis area/have better seats/would prefer to stay home and fire up the GDT, you can choose instead to receive a signed Pietrangelo puck. The signed puck is from training camp which makes it interesting in that it has no number listed. (AP was wearing No. 52 through training camp and obviously was hoping to switch numbers if he made the big club. He did and he promptly changed to No. 27.)

On Friday night we will determine our favorite LOLBluez submissions and post a story with all of them represented in no particular order. At the end of the story will be a poll for everyone to vote in. At the closing of the poll, the voted-on winner will claim the prize.

As an added benefit to all of the participants, a selected few will be asked for their preferred name for attribution. Some of these will appear in future issues of the printed Game Time paper.

In order to keep from steering the voting, no samples are included in this post. If there are any final questions, please feel free to ask in the comments.