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Blues Jackets @ Blues GDT

Maybe we should have looked around the Central Division before bitching about the introduction of the Blues mascot last season. I'd much rather have a pantsless bear than whatever the hell this thing is:


Yeah, right back at you, buddy!

St. Louis welcomes Columbus tonight. The BJs have won four in a row. The Blues have not. Expect Emmanuel Legace back in net after Chris Mason took the loss last night in Carolina. Steve Mason (no relation, but we didn't research it, so I could be wrong) allowed his first goal in four games last night, but still got the 6-1 win for the BJs in Colorado.

It's two divisional teams, each seeming to be headed in different directions at the moment. And no, I can't get fired up for a Columbus matchup either.

Regardless, the comments are wide, virgin territory for you to tear up tonight. Make us proud.