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Post-Game Pissiness.

You know what? Have some fucking pride in your team, your fans, your Bluenote. Yourselves.

Last night was a shitty effort and the Blues deserved to lose, but that doesn't make losing in that fashion any easier to take. They almost escaped with a point and a chance to win in the gimmick-assed overtime/shootout, but Chris Overpaid Mason somehow forgot how to stand up and hold the near-side post on a wraparound.

By the way, nice pass to the other team, Woywitka. You deserve an assist on that beaut.

If TJ Oshie could find a way to finish on all the chances he creates with his hard work, we might have had something to be proud about last night.

But we don't. Here are your ready-made excuses:

Next game is Saturday. Time to show up, pussies.