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Matt Walker: Out of the Pressbox, Into A Fight

As regular readers of ours know all too well, we I have a bit of a thing for Big Country Matt Walker. It goes back to one of the Blues' training camps when he was just trying to make the team and he was nice to my kid.

Sometimes that's all it takes.

So I found myself to be in a bit of a minority this summer when he went (as predicted) unsigned by the Blues and wound up signing with the Blackhawks.

Well, despite not seeing much ice with the Hawks this year (as predicted), Big Country still knows how to make an impression.

From our friends over at Fried Chicken's, who provide all of our game-day fight information for the paper, we submit Exhibit A in the case of Matt Walker's Fist vs Ed Jovanovski's Face.

You let us know who wins.


Oh, and yeah, for any moron who wants to freak out about me liking Matt Walker and how he adds nothing to the team, I've heard it before. Go get your own site. I hear that is still available.