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Happy Garth Butcher Day!

Today is the birthday of my favorite (aka the Greatest) St. Louis Blues player.  His name is none other than Garth Butcher.  Born and raised in Regina (rhymes with vagina and totally sweet) Saskatchewan.

Mr. Butcher came to the Blues in what ignorant (yeah, I said it) Blues fans consider to be a lopsided trade with the Vancouver Canucks. To argue for this trade I simply say this: Do you really think Brian Sutter, whom all you nerds (me included) love, would let a trade like that go down for no reason?  I didn't think so.

In celebration of His Holiness, I give you the follow vids.  To those of you nay sayers or "anti-Butcher" fans, I only have one thing to say to you: Suck it.



Beating a Balckhawk which gives AM a boner:


Gushing about being a Blue: