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During the break... (Blues One Act Theater)

With the Blues currently enjoying their longest in-season break, Andy McDonald made a phone call.

1039_medium [Ring tone: Rick Roll] Yo! Go for Chuckers.

2046_medium Walt, what up, broseph?

1039_medium Aw you know, just hanging out. Not breaking my ankle.

2046_medium Not that cool, Walter.

1039_medium Lighten up, Francis. Whatchu been up to during your, you know,  break?

2046_medium Seriously? Again?

1039_medium Sorry, bro. I think it's funny.

2046_medium Whatev. You know, I'm almost back. Won't be long and we'll be back in business. Dishin'. Dealin'. Deken'. Dunkin'. Donuts.

1039_medium Now who's hilarious? Donut jokes are very 2005, douchie.

Mcdonald_medium So's my faceshield. So what? The room has gotten pretty young and AHLie since I left. How's that going?

Tkachuk_medium Well, I have to 'text' a lot more than before, that's for sure.And the shit they put on the locker room boombox is really, um, shitty.

Hey, speaking of youngsters, check out this guy...

Boyes_medium E-I-E-I-Ohhhhh! What's up, old man? Those brittle bones healing yet?

Mcdonald_medium Yeah, yeah, NAMBLA, I'm drinkin' milk. Your plus/minus getting any less infected?

Boyes_medium Hockey joke! Hilarious! Great success!

Mcdonald_medium Oh no. Have you been watching Borat again?

Boyes_medium My sister is number four whore in all of homeland!

Mcdonald_medium Christ. Anyone else there?

Boyes_medium Sure. Hold for an old guy..................NOT!

Steen_medium Hey, um... hello? Go for Nose? Hello?

Mcdonald_medium Yeah, uh, hey new guy. Andy McDonald here. Heard you were on the team. Ahh, looking forward to meeting you.

Steen_medium Oh, uh, yeah. You too, uh, Andy.

So, ummm....

Mcdonald_medium Yeah.

Steen_medium So.




Mcdonald_medium Anyone else there, Steamer?

Steen_medium Steener.

Mcdonald_medium Steener. Yeah. That's what I meant. Said.

Steen_medium Sure. Hold on.

Mcdonald_medium (sigh)

Colaiacovo_medium Yo! Go for Cokie!


Colaiacovo_medium Hello? Go for Cokie?

Mcdonald_medium {Hola! Como esta usted?}

Colaiacovo_medium Uh, hold on.

Oshie_medium Go! For! Osh!

Mcdonald_medium Oshie, dudenkoff, how's it going? It's A-Mac.

Oshie_medium Happy Meal! Dude, it's going great. Now that I'm back with the team, IceBerg has been showing me the ropes, bro! Hold on, hold on, this is hilarious, hold on...

(TechnoViking! Come here, come here. OK, do it for Happy Meal. Dude. Do it right.)

Berglund_medium Hey babies! Who wants to blow the job? No? Who's up for handing the job?

Oshie_medium Dude, how fucking funny is that? Even crazier? That shit works! It works, Happy Meal!

Mcdonald_medium That's pretty awesome, Osh. Hey is Walt there somewhere?

Oshie_medium Um, close. I got Walt Junior, hold on.

Backes_medium Go for Backs.

Mcdonald_medium Hey, Backes, it's A-Mac, how's it going?

Backes_medium McGriddles! Dude, what have you been doing on your, you know, break?

Mcdonald_medium I heard that one already.

Backes_medium (laughter) I know, McNuggets, I know. I was standing right here. Can't wait to travel with you again, bro. Let's get playing this week, huh?

Mcdonald_medium That's the plan, man. That's the plan.

Hey, did you do anything cool during the break this week?

Backes_medium Yeah man! I went back to Steve Wagner's home, man. We were buddies in college, played on the same team and all. His family has a great place and they let me come up for a couple days to chillax.

Mcdonald_medium Dancin' Steve Wagner? Where's he live?

Backes_medium Michigan, Big Mac. Near Detroit.

Mcdonald_medium Duuuuuuuuude. That's bullshit. Fuck Detroit.