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Two Degrees of Mike Sillinger

As a poster over at the Hockey's Future messageboards realized, current Islander and former Blue (and former Predator, Coyote, Blue Jacket, Senator, Panther, Lightning, Flyer, Canuck, Duck and Red Wing) Mike Sillinger can now be connected to any other NHL player in two or less moves.


I've played with everyone! Everyone!

Many have tried and many have failed. Mike Sillinger has out-Baconed Kevin Bacon.

Add in Sillinger's year in Europe, his time in the AHL (this year and before cracking the league) and his four years in Junior and the connections extend even further.

As one of the earlier posters noted:

Fact is, Sillinger has played for 12 teams over 17 years.

Assuming each team has 25 players (call ups and such), assume a turnover rate of 8 players a year (meaning 17 on average stayed the same), account for playing with maybe 1 person per team twice...

17 times 25 is 425 players, - 8 times 17 makes for 289 players...account for some double counting...

He's played with like 275 players still in the NHL.

There's what, like 750 players in the NHL?

The odds of this happening are very small indeed; maybe only a handful can claim this title.

We tried a few and failed. Can you name any?