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More News From Sweden: More GTers Invade Stockholm

Here's 'Game Time in Sweden'-reporter # 2...!!
Here's 'Game Time in Sweden'-reporter # 2...!!

Hello there, my American friends!
Just like you I ofcourse saw the postcard from DanGNR. Great! But there's more: not only he will be a correspondent for you overthere in the States, there will also be Marcus, our local hero ofcourse!

And there's Gerard, from Amsterdam. Now, that would be me!

Thanks to the GT staff, those Blues fans who are here, can report to you.
Now I will help out too (it's the least I can do since being subject of a story in Game Time during my visit overthere in STL)... Being a sportsjournalist from The Netherlands, I will do so by making by writing stories for my newspaper.... BUT also for GameTime....

Thanks to the NHL though, who were willing to give me credential to visit this NHL Premier as journalist.

At least for saturday. Coz Friday I'm in the stands as a fan. And ofcourse there's going to be a European equivalent of a GameTime Meetup.

So here I am, in Stockholm giving you the latest news. Right?

Eh, wrong. At least for now. Because of my plane being nice on time awfully delayed, I missed the Blues practice today... What I did see was two Red Wings fans eating out in a restaurant. Now I was about to enter there, but amazingly all my appetite was going in an instant! It was ruined just by seeing those red jerseys. Ugh.

Oh well, let's leave it at this little introduction and two pics!

More 'journalism-, report-like stories to come'...!

Let's go Blues...!.