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PPPPPP: A Note About Tomorrow

Three Schrutebucks awarded to the first person to correctly identify our headline acronym.

As has likely been mentioned elsewhere on this site, the Blues open their season tomorrow against Detroit in Sweden. Since the game takes place at 2 p.m. Central, many of us will not be able to see the game live (Brad Lee and myself included). As such, we are planning on having a GDT for the 2 o'clock crowd followed by another one to kick off for the DVR crowd at 7:30 p.m. Central.

We'll have more explanation of how exactly we think we can pull this caper off in the morning, but for now we wanted to get the word out: If you plan on trying to spend all afternoon avoiding the score and watching the delayed version with us here at 7:30, SET YOUR DVRs NOW for tomorrow. If you forget and are assed-out on the delayed watch party, that one is on you.

In the meantime, stand by for more info from our three correspondents in Sweden, a pre-party post tomorrow as well as two GDTs. Add into that the various oddities we try to have for you over the course of a day and Friday's looking like a good day to be a GTer.