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Top 11 Things Blues Fans Said Thursday Night

Hi everybody! It's been kind of hectic. Thanks for all the support this week. You'll be seeing more of us shortly. Promise.

Blues play tonight against the Kings. Meanwhile the Cardinals will be playing Los Angeles down the street at the old ballyard. Exciting stuff. So there's a lot to talk about. This is your pre-party post for today. Go apeshit. Talk Cardinals. Get pumped for the Blues tonight. Watch some college football, grill a brat and have a microbrew or something. To get you started, here's a list. Add to it. Whatever. This is the laid back place to pass the time before faceoff. Have at it.


11. They're playing Atlanta? Sweet!

10. My voice sounds like a 14-year-old boy who smokes three packs a day. I didn't know you could be high pitched and gravelly at the same time.

 9. They gave the big blue rat mascot a drum. But not pants.

 8. I was at the statue dedication and got hypothermia in the rain. The emergency room does not have HD.

 7. The guy next to me booed Eric Brewer during introductions. I told him, "Why stop there? Go down to the hospital and boo other patients in rehab too."

 6. If the Blues sold a CD of Charles Glenn just singing the National Anthem, I'd buy it.

 5. Hockey back. Me so happy. Me want to cry.

 4. That homeless man standing in the rain with the ratty brown coat shivering, he kind of looks like Juan Mallagher.

 3. Opening night, I almost don't feel bad paying nearly $10 for a large beer.

 2. Man, what a bad loss. The Cardinals lost. What worse could happen? Let's go downstairs.

 1. I hope they put a "You must be this tall to ride this ride" sign next to the escalators.