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Kings @ Blues GDT

Hellllo Blues fans.

St. Louis takes the ice tonight against the Los Angeles Kings. It's a chance for the Blues to make up for pulling the slow fade Thursday night while the Kings are trying to extend a two-game winning streak. LA has scored six goals in two straight games. Weird, I know.

I'm not going to say that LA is a one-line team, but half of the Kings' offense Thursday came in the first period in just six minutes of ice time from the Anze Kopitar, Justin Williams and Ryan Smyth line. Kopitar has three goals and five assists in just three games. Watch out for that weird-looking Euro dude. Then there's the whiny bitch Smyth who cries when his steak isn't cooked the right way. He comes into the game tonight with 666 career points. Williams is kind of their caddy.

The Kings have two young guys on defense learning on the job and trying to establish themselves in second-year man Drew Doughty and Jack Johnson. They have a goalie. Allegedly. I know nothing about him.

As Average Joe reported in the pre-party, Patrik Berglund gets the press box buffet while Cam Smash will be unleashed on the 2009-10 season. Let's see what he breaks.

That's pretty much what you need to know. This is your game day thread. Do what you do.