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Monday links: Where we guarantee a St. Louis sports team won't lose today

That weekend was far too short.

Blues news

Hockey news

  • Two games last night. Wanna know who one? Click. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Lots of games on the schedule for a Monday night. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Daniel Sedin has a broken foot. Is Henrik going to break his foot, too? [TSN]
  • The Leafs and the Oilers almost switched cities. [TSN]
  • The NHL may return to Quebec. [TSN]
  • ESPN has a weekend wrap blog, and in it we find out the NHL GM's all agreed to have an award to honor GM's. [ESPN]
  • Dominik takes a look at how players are being used under head coach Scott Gordon. [Lighthouse Hockey]
  • David Backes is a fan of the open ice hits. [Behind the Net]
  • A look at hits and the bias of the home scorer. [Behind the Net]
  • Mike Liut talks about the lights at the old St. Louis Arena in this article about arena quirks. It's a good read. []

Other links

  • Luvhockey sends along some football logo upgrades. [Page 2]
  • Police sketch artists do a really, really great job. [Oddee]
  • This video is intense. A skier was filming himself going down a mountain when he got trapped in an avalanche. Incredibly, he survived. [Asylum]
  • Is the headline real, or is it from the Onion. [Mental Floss]


Brad Lee requested I, "PLAY THAT MOTHERFUCKING URGE SHIT." He's the boss (not Tony Danza).

Hope that gets you fired up for Monday. Back to the grind, kids. Gametimelinks(at)