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Wednesday links: Still one day away from an actual game

I love how a link post inspired 20-plus comments about what is the best stiff drink. You guys are awesome.

Blues news

  • This is just awesome. Patrik Berglund, the Party Starter. [Blues]
  • Blues coach Andy Murray, seen in the same picture the Post uses all the damn time, thinks the Blues are missing something. [St. Louis Post-Dispatch]
  • Ben Bishop is excited to be working with Ed Belfour, despite booing growing up a Blues fan who jeered Eddie the Eagle. [Peoria Journal Star]
  • Paulo Colaiacovo, twin brother of Carlo Colaiacovo, will be tending goal for the Bloomington Prairie Thunder. [Pantagraph]

Hockey news

  • Tuesday's action: Good to see Detroit get pounded. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • The NHL has five games tonight. I'll be pulling for Pittsburgh, Edmonton, Minnesota, Los Angeles and ... Nashville? [Yahoo! Sports]
  • SB Nation has a new blog that's Duck-centric. That's fine, but what's really cool is the blog authors hate Detroit. So, I say: Welcome. [Anaheim Calling]
  • Surprise: The Leafs penalty killing sucks. [Behind the Net]
  • Ignoring small sample sizes, Broad Street Hockey looks at some early-season Fylers' trends. [Broad Street Hockey]
  • Sami Salo will be out four-to-six weeks. [TSN]
  • Thomas Vanek is going to be out a few weeks, maybe. He's becoming a bit Marian Gaborik-esque. [TSN]
  • Georges Laraque is sorry for hanging out with half-naked women. Wait, what?[TSN]
  • Goalie pads be shrinking soon. [Uni Watch]
  • More on the goalie equipment changes. [In Goal Mag]
  • Loser Domi, a friend of the site, had a birthday recently. (Hat tip, CCR) [WWOLD]

Other links

  • I can't tell is this is a serious, but I think dressing up animals is not cool. Still, funny looking. [Respect Your Pet]
  • It's always fun to laugh at other people's pain. [YouBrokeUpHOW]
  • I'm not sure if this site is finished. [Text Files]


First up we have a defenseman who really, really doesn't want to get a minus. Nice save, Ian White.

Second, a video from Carnie. I might have linked this before, but this is too funny to not see ... again.

That's it folk. Brad Lee may have something special for later. I don't know. If you're good, maybe. If not ... gametimelinks(at)