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Blues @ Coyotes Third Period

So that Paul Kariya goal where he just swiped at the puck as the Coyotes were bringing it out from behind their net was awesome. That happens maybe two or three times a season in the entire league.

Blues are leading 2-1 after weathering a crappy first period and a string of penalties.

David Backes got his first goal of the year. Using his past slow starts as a barometer, his second may come near Thanksgiving. Hope we're wrong there.

Blues are barely leading in shots 20-19. The Oshie-Perron-Berglund line has showed some holy jumpin' skill and pressure on the Yotes. There's dozens of people there at the game. Most of them may be creditors.

David Backes just talked about himself in the third person during the intermission interview. Fitting, actually.

And John Hamm's hat in the commercial that they've shown half a dozen times tonight...the hat looks a lot like one of my hats. So he's legit. But he could have shaved. I mean, it's not like they stopped him on the street or came to his home. He had to know he was going to shoot a commercial and he made the conscious decision to not shave. Maybe he's trying to look tough. Or not like a Hollywood actor.

And that "goal of the year" by the nine year old they keep pimping during intermission, he told the anchors on SportsCenter tonight that his favorite the Winged Wheel. Unlike the Balloon Boy, he's dead to me.

We fucking filled the comments for two periods. Drink a Mountain Dew or a coffee or something and keep it going here in the third.

And be kind to dumb animals. Stop by Five For Howling and wish them happy packing. Or something.