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Monday links: Recovering from a day without hockey edition

Monday is back again. Joy.

Blues news

Hockey news

  • So instead of linking to the standings every day, it's just going to be a Monday thing. That is, until the playoff chase heats up. Here are your standings. []
  • No games last night, but three games tonight. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • 100 facts from the first 100 games. []
  • Dan Snyder, the Thrashers player who died in the Dany Heatley car accident, has a rink named after him now in his hometown. [ESPN]
  • Chuck Kobasew is going from Boston to Minnesota for some fringe players and a draft pick. [ESPN]
  • Marian Hossa is skating. He's well on his way to making that crazy contract. [ESPN]
  • More drama from the NHLPA. It's good times. [TSN]
  • Second City takes a look at Dale Tallon's diary. [Second City Hockey]

Other links

  • Subway is taking over the world. There are two in my current place of residence, and two in my last place. [Dagoosh]
  • What's the best brand of toilet paper? (Thanks Ice Vein) [Craig's List]
  • Get ready for a bunch of cool pumpkin designs being passed around the internet. Dan sends along this batch. [Walyou]


A mash up for everyone. It's Miley Cyrus I can actually listen to. Language NSFW.

Gametimelinks (at) Enjoy.