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GT / Rina Shirt Contest: The Finalists

The results are in and the finalists have been selected. And while we have some personal favorites that didn't make the list of finalists, we appreciate the great effort from everyone (you can be sure you'll be seeing the pedobear/Oshie shirt again).

You have until Wednesday night when the poll closes to vote for you favorites, get your friends to vote for your favorites and otherwise stuff the ballot box by any means necessary. Remember that not only will the top vote-getter be awarded the top prize, but others among the finalists may be selected by Rinawear to have their designs turned into shirts too.

You can see the Final Five in the poll below, but after the jump you can see all of the prototype designs, listed in no particular order.

The Big Johnson (by bss212s):


The Red Wings ShiRt (by Woodn):


The Survivor (by Woodn):


Fear The Beard (by cozmcphish):


How Swede It Is (by cozmcphish):