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Blues @ Stockholm, Detroit Also To Play. This Is Your GDT.

We (OK, I) have been complaining a bit about the Blues starting their season in Sweden, and beyond the fact that We're (I'm) a tad concerned about the team being properly focused for these games and we're (I'm) also a tad worried about the team being jet-lagged and distracted and stumbling out of the gate once they get home to sweet St. Louis for the game Thursday and the game Saturday.

But you know what? For today, for right now, fuck all that. Hockey is back and the Blues are finally playing in a game that matters again. I'm getting chills and there is some sort of salty discharge filling my eyes. And maybe I have some of my priorities out of whack, but that's for a therapy session at a later date.

Right now it's time to enjoy what we enjoy the most. Strip away all of the noise about the exotic location and the great atmosphere and let's get down to it: Blues versus the Evil Empire. Here are some talking points to get this going:

  • Everyone assumes the Red Wings continue to be the class of the Central. Most assume the Blues will be scrappy and will be tough to play against most nights. Is this is a statement game for either team? Both teams?
  • Oshie, Berglund, Polak. Who suffers a sophomore slump? They occur, people, it's just science.
  • Pietrangelo sits for this game. Does he play nine spread out over two months and then go to juniors this year or does he stay in St. Louis for the season?
  • Red Wings fans: more condescending than clueless, or more clueless than condescending? (By the way, last year I sat next to a woman wearing a Datsyuk jersey who openly wondered where Sergei Fedorov was.)
  • If you could pick one word to describe yourself right now, that word would be: Jittery, tingly, giddy, drunky.

Enough of us, we put up too many words on this site anyway. The Game Day Threads though, these are your playground. Time to bust off the rust and do what you do: give us the most entertaining GDTs in the business. Old guys show the new guys, welcome one and all and, oh yeah I almost forgot, Fuck Detroit.

This is your GDT.