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Blues @ Stockholm II: Return Of The GDT!

Well, we're officially in uncharted waters here, folks. What we have is a Game Day Thread set up specifically for people who didn't watch the Blues game when it was played. You are here to chat about a game as you watch it on delay when you have virtually nothing stopping you from finding exactly what happened already. You can save yourself heartache or spoil yourself of excitement.

And you have no idea which.

All said, you're probably a little crazy, you know. You spent the last five-plus hours intentionally staying away from information about your favorite team. You probably haven't spent five-plus hours intentionally staying away from information about the Blues in years, if ever. So, yeah, you're probably a little bit more than just a little crazy.

But we're here, too.

So here's the deal; we'll all try to start our recordings of the game as close to 7:30 as possible and watch the game together and chat about it here in the comments. Yes, there will be sync problems. Yes, there will be attempts to re-sync that go horribly wrong. Yes, there will be glitches that are as yet unforeseen. And yes, we expect that all to be about 40% of the fun.

Some quick rules to make this thing go as smoothly as possible:

  • Start at the start and do not fast forward through the commercials. We will, however, fast-forward through the intermissions.
  • Those of you who visit who have seen the game already know the deal: It's just like you've arrived in a time machine. Anything you do to alter the present will have unintended consequences in the future. One of which will be a ban from this site for an indeterminate amount of time. You're like a wizard here, treat that with respect.
  • If this thing comes off the rails as badly as we think it might, it will forever be known as "The Incident" or "The Time We Shat Our Pants" or "The Detroit." It will never be spoken of in specifics.

As with the first GDT, this is your space, it's time to do what you do. Belated or not, the Blues' season starts right now. Let's get this thing going.

This is your GDT.