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Tuesdays With Hildy: How many people can fit into one doghouse?

We all have our opinions of Andy Murray. Some think that he's hockey's version of Tony LaRussa - he overthinks every option, tweaking his lines on the fly in the middle of the game, and seemingly throwing people onto lines that don't even look remotely like a line we should ice. Hey, though, why worry about who is on your line when it's going to be switched 30 seconds later?

Benching a player for poor play is acceptable. Shoving someone into a doghouse for one bad game might be a poor idea. Does Coach Murray cross the line? Discuss in the comments. Like I mentioned before, I'm kind of sick and am having problems focusing for longer than 23 seconds at a time - and my index finger's twitching from stress. I promise that I'll make it up next week.