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Wednesday links: Everyone into the doghouse edition


I had to work tonight and didn't catch a single second of the game. I'm just going to assume the Blues kept dominating like they did against Anaheim.

Blues news

  • Let's see, here's a recap ... aww shit. 5-1? Really? Well that sucks. [St. Louis Post-Dispatch]
  • Meet the new backup goalie, same as the old backup goalie. Instead of having two No. 2 goalies, maybe the Blues should try for a No. 1. Novel idea, I know. [St. Louis Post-Dispatch]
  • Where in the world is the Blue note? Gerard, Marcus, now you can get internet famous. [Blues]

Hockey news

  • Your winners last night, Pittsburgh, Calgary and Montreal. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Six games tonight. Can the Islanders win a game? [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Jason Arnott will be out for two weeks. [TSN]
  • Rich Peverley was on waivers last year. Now, hes' getting paid. [TSN]
  • Mikko Koivu, no longer known simply as Saku's little brother, is the new captain of the Wild. [TSN]
  • Four USA Hockey hopefuls talk about the state of American pucks. [ESPN]
  • The Lightning played a game of strip shootout. Whose bright idea was this? [ESPN]
  • Johnny Oduya is not playing well this year, at least that's what I learned from this link-heavy article. What can I say, I love links. [In Lou We Trust]

Other links

  • This photo is making its rounds around the 'net. And really, I don't see why not. It has something for everyone. A monkey. On roller skates. Hanging out with Lynyrd Skynyrd. Drinking Jack Daniels. [WAXIN' AND MILKIN']
  • Pedobear makes an appearance in Oregon. [KGW]
  • From the boss man comes something that may not be for everyone. I'm gonna pass the mic to Gallagher and have him explain:

"This guy is a good buddy of my brother-in-law and he gives away these monthly mixes for free off his website, so if you want to link it, feel free. They're usually about an hour and are an interesting mix of new songs and old ones. They can easily be imported into iTunes or whatever. They're pretty good if you're going for a run (or as I like to call it, going for a run, puke, walk, run, puke, walk)."

Anything that goes for Jay-Z to Biggie Smalls is good to me. [DJ Cullo]


That drunk guy video from last week was missing something? That something, piany music and silent film credits.

Adios amigos. gametimelinks(at)