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You Write The Comedy - So That's What The Best Team In The League Looks Like Edition

So I promised the other guy who runs this place that I would do the postgame story talking about all the good things and bad things from the game.

And then the game happened.

And it was almost all bad things.

And suddenly the postgame story didn't really seem that important. I mean, you catch five minutes of the action or see the score and you pretty much know what went down. The Penguins are the defending champs. They're the best team in the league right now. It was in the Igloo. Blues did too much watching of the Penguins and too little hitting. Chris Mason even made a number of great saves to keep the Blues in the game longer than they should have.

What we have left is the need to blow off a little steam and frustration. Helloooooooo you write the comedy! Andy Murray. He's intense. He's driven. He's pissed off. Tell us, fair commenters, what the hell is Murray saying in the photo?