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Top 11 Things Blues Fans Will Say Tonight

It's a dreary, cold, damp, windy, overcast day here in St. Louis. Perfect for hockey tonight!

It's kind of a hectic game day on this Friday, so this is your pre-party before the game day thread goes up at about 6 p.m. CDT (Doesn't feel like Daylight Savings Time anymore). So you can add to the list below. You can talk about plans for the game, predictions. Whatever. This is where we get ready for the action tonight. And in preparation, we'd like to tell you what the fans will be saying tonight.

11. I don't see no Crosby or Malkin out there, so I think the boys have a fighting chance.

10. Feels like late November out there. I usually don't drink this much Wild Turkey for warming purposes until late December.

 9. So for Halloween my old lady is rigging up a full body cast for me and we're painting a "C" on the front and a big No. 4 on the back.

 8. Yeah, I'd like to go see Cam Smash and EJ at the Arnold Wal-Mart on Saturday, but I'm trying to not take any long road trips this weekend.

 7. When is Game Time going to start printing on water resistent paper?

 6. Yeah, I'm a Game Time reader. When we went to Chicago last year I even bought a copy from their franchise up there. I think it's run by a gay pride organization because there were some definite overtones that made me feel uncomfortable.

 5. Do I want your Rams tickets? How much will you pay me to take them?

 4. If I had an ice plant in my basement, we'd be ice skating right now. But I don't so it's just flooded.

 3. Why does the beer vendor keep calling me his economic stimulus plan?

 2. When you put down money for season tickets, you expect to see a few wins. Right now, I'd like to see...O-N-E (said in a dramatic, drawn out way to emphasize extreme frustration bordering on desperation)

 1. Yes, let's take the stairs.

Hope that gets you started. Weigh in down below and we'll see you later today. And remember, we're not above promoting a good fanpost or fanshot, so don't be shy and contribute. This is your pre-party. Come in from the cold and get it going.