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Wild @ Blues GDT

The Blues are part of an exclusive club this season. The Blues and the Maple Leafs are the only two teams in the league to not win a game on home ice yet. Now if you look at the standings, you'll see a win in the home column, but that "home" was in Sweden. Granted, they've only played a couple games here in St. Louis and they've had two fairly long layoffs. But it's still frustrating. Embarrassing. I mean, the Leafs suck. They're horrible. Please Blues, leave the club.

Speaking of embarrassing, those Minnesota Wild really suck. They sport a record of 2-4-0 and four points, tied for second fewest in the NHL. By the way, the Leafs still only have one single point. WIN A HOME GAME.

It's important to win at home. Because it's supposed to be easier to win there, right? The crowd gets the team pumped. The atmosphere can influence the officials. There's an advantage on line changes. There's a pants-less blue bear to root them on. Of course the escalators in other cities haven't attacked Blues fans. Yet.

The Wild. So they don't have Marian Gaborik and his wonky groin anymore. They pretty much replaced him with Martin Havlat and his wonky groin. Now that was a prophetic move. He returned to action on Wednesday and went pointless for his third straight game. He had missed two contests after he strained his groin on Oct. 14. The former Blackhawk has now missed more games this season than he did all of 2008-09. In Chicago he played in 81 games and scored 29 goals and 77 points. He signed with Minnesota after he was spurned by the Hawks when they pursued Marian Hossa. This paragraph now has three different Marians. And they're all men. Great start to the festivities.

That's it. That's all the words you get. The pump is primed, this is your game day thread. Go to work.