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Blues Post-Game: Now Movie Reference Free!

Not a ton of time to spend on this tonight due to a game tomorrow and a game-day paper that is not writing itself right now, so a couple bullets and a couple interviews and then you all have the floor to gloat and bask and wonder why, even in a dominant game, the Blues have to have big chunks of the third period where they get all scrambly and let the other team dictate play....

  • David Perron gets off the schneide in a big way. Not only does he get an assist on the early goal, but his first goal of the season is seriously beautiful. Not only is it of the back-breaker shorthanded variety, but just a perfect shot from the circle to beat Niklas Backstrom cleanly. Not quite as 'poetry' as the McDonald goal I went on and on about last week, but a seriously nasty snap shot.
  • Chris Mason's incredisave brought the whole house to its feet and inspired an ovation that went on until play resumed. haven't seen that in a while here. When Manny Legace made those great saves, everyone tried to be quiet to keep from shattering his glass-like confidence by putting too much pressure on him.
  • Just me, or did it look like T.J. Oshie needed a skate sharpening? I've never seen that guy fall so many times in a game. On the other hand, he had a couple shifts that looked like last year Teej, so let's all hope that he's just a few hours away from inspiring his first spontaneous "O-Shie!" chant of the year.
  • It's probably better that Carlo Colaiacovo didn't score on that breakawy out of the box, because the roof would have blown off that building tonight.
  • The building was surprisingly less-than-full tonight. Let's hope tomorrow is full and the effort is similar; two more points would be very helpful.

On to the interviews (though we miss last season's ritual bubblegum pop songs blaring in the background after wins):


And thanks to Chris Pinkert over at the Blues for helping us work through the video-embed issues we've been having.