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Sunday Links: "Steve Ott is a Dead Man" Edition

You hear me, Steve Ott? You're dead.

Blues News:

  • AP recap
  • As for Ott's hit on Carlo, our man Colaiacovo calls it dirty. Read on in the P-D recap.
  • And while we're at it, how 'bout a big GT round of applesauce for Alex Pietrangelo recording his first goal last night ?!
  • Defending Big D has the good sense to at least call SOME of Ott's action's into question. I thought this team got rid of Sean Avery?

 NHL News:

  • PPP takes an in depth look with hardcore analysis at when they might win a game. They didn't last night, as "Bobby Lou" shut the door.
  • Another player in the hospital: David Booth gets leveled against Philly. Litter Box Cats has your coverage.
  • Scores.
  • Schedule. The only clear cut team to root for is the Eastern Conference won. Go Flyers!
  • The Avvalanche and Craig Anderson stopped 48 pucks to down Jimmy Howard and the Wings. Of course, we'll remember his other loss much more fondly.

Other Stuff:


Here's the footage of the Mike Richards hit on David Booth. Decide for yourself: Clean or dirty?

As for Ott's "knee on knee" on Crombeen, here you go. Wait for the replay.


That's all for me. AverageJoe is back for the work week. You probably knew that already.

Here's hoping that Ott's already suspended by the time I get around to checking GT in the morning!

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