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Monday links: Wondering why our tough guy has hands made of glass edition

I'm at my parents house and it's raining. The satellite internet is crawling along at dial-up speed. Oh and lights around the 'hood are off. Let's link some stuff while I'm still online.

Blues news

  • D.J. King broke his hand. What purpose does this guy serve? [St. Louis Post-Dispatch]
  • This blog is about T.J. Oshie, but it's even more interesting now the Kinger is on the IR -- who are the Blues gonna call? [Stltoday]


Hockey news

  • Sunday's action. [Yahoo Sports!]
  • Here's what's going down tonight. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • David Booth is out of the hospital after getting rocked by Mike Richards, who won't be suspended. [ESPN]
  • The first U.S.-born official in the NHL, Bill Chadwick, died at age 94. He has a pretty sweet nickname. [ESPN]
  • Pierre LeBrun explains why Alex Ovechkin avoided a suspension and brings up the possibility of Chris Pronger and Brendan Shanhan being teammates. Mind blown. [ESPN]

Other links

The odds of me linking to something about Ghostbusters are are very high. [Film Drunk]


Send me some music. This is what's playing in my car right now, so this is what you guys get today. Enjoy MURS.

Sorry the links suck today. Stupid slow internet. Have a good Monday. gametimelinks(at)