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Tuesday links: Welcoming back Yan Stastny to the healthy scratch list edition

I'm tired. I got like two hours of sleep Saturday night and was up early Monday. I haven't done this since college and I gotta say, it's nice to get eight hours of sleep on a regular basis. Anyway, links? Links.

Blues news

  • Fragile D.J. King is going to be out 8-to-10 weeks with a broken hand. Yan Stastny will be up from the Peoria. [Belleville News-Democrat]
  • The Blues got physical at practice today, Eric Brewer is close to being fully operational and Barret Jackman had a kid. All that, and more in this blog. []
  • Alex Steen, recovering from a broken wrist, took his dog out for a walk on Monday. [KTVI]

Hockey news

  • Dutchie sighting: Lee Stempniak gets the game-winner for the Leafs in its first win of the year. Other results? Rangers beat Phoenix, Montreal tops the Islanders and Chicago beans Minnesota. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Boy, the Vancouver/Detroit game sure looks interesting. Go natural disaster?[Yahoo! Sports]
  • Marian Gaborik had a game that sums up his career: He scored twice and left with an injury. [ESPN]
  • ESPN's power rankings. If you get riled up over this we can't be friends, not even if you offer free beer. I'll take the beer, you'll just have to leave. [ESPN]
  • The Ducks are sending a young d-man back to juniors. Don't get any ideas, Blues. [ESPN]
  • Ilya Kovalchuk has a broken foot. If he were a college football player, some moron on TV would be saying how he cost himself some money but not getting his cash before getting hurt. [TSN]
  • Joey MacDonald was a big fan of Cujo growing up. Me too. He's a goalie in the NHL. I do a links post for a hockey blog. .... Anyone have a beer? [TSN]
  • Old man Jerry Moyes is going to sell his team to the NHL. Wayne Gretzky hasn't agreed to the sale. [TSN]
  • The Colorado Avs might be ... good? [Mile High Hockey]

Other links

  • Pedobear is on the loose. [Geek Pad Show]
  • Holy shit, every opposing team should go to this Web site and look up David Perron and others. This site is awesome. [The Name Engine]
  • Too lazy to shave? Want to help raise money for charity? Movember. [Movember]
  • From NatetheGreat.: Detroit sucks. [Consumerist]


I'm running out of videos. Here's some robot chicken. The giraffe reminds me of myself watching a Blues loss.

gametimelinks(at) Hildy is up next.