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Saturday Links: Who needs a headline? The Blues fucking kicked ass! There. Now you've got your damn headline.

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And now for a haiku:

Paul Kariya he

Shot two goals through Chris Osgood

Fuck Detroit Red Wings


Blues News:

  • That was one helluva 5 minute span. Blues 4, Detroit 3. Read all about it in the P-D, the Free Press, and on TSN.
  • Wanna know how I know we have the best Game Day Threads in all of blogdom? We don't have to struggle for 100 comments.
  • A few things from Rutherford: Kariya is back, Johnson is shaking off the rust, Petro will play (eventually), and Jay got on the board way early compared to last year.

NHL News:

Other Stuff:

  • Finally, The Rock HAS COME the tooth fairy. Do what?
  • Start putting together your best combos. We'll need them for when Nashville is the opponent. (CCR, way to go)
  • Well, there's one more fish out there in the sea thanks to this.
  • Songs that sound alike.


Since we're in Sweden, it's gotta be Swedish Chef, right?



If that failed to embed, just click here.


Now lets go send the Wings back to Detroit with 2 losses. Come on back for the GDT.


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