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Blues Take Sweden By Storm GDT


If Friday was a statement game, then today is "Let's show that statement was the real deal."

Before this trip started, some Red Wings fans said on the Internets that three points was the minimum expectation from the two games with the Blues. Sorry to spoil your Swedish vacation, but that shit ain't happening. Now it's an attempt for spin control. The Wings come out strong and get a win, they can blame age, the first game of the year and jet lag for the three unanswered goals.

But say the Blues come out flying again, playing aggressive with Chris Mason flashing the leather. Say David Backes and David Perron and Patrik Berglund announce their presence with authority. Say the Blues score another big win. What's the spin then?

No pressure, boys. There's 80 more after this. But commenters, most everyone should be here live and in person. Unless they're watching a youth soccer game.

This is your GDT. Mix it up in the corners. Keep your head up.

And Let's Go Blues!