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Sit With A Links Guy: Video Submission Contest (One Night Only)

Would you be seen at a hockey game with this person?



The other day I happened to have the quick draw on an e-mail offer from Melanie over at Blues Dudes for a couple of tickets to Saturday's game against the Florida Panthers. Asking any of my friends here at school to go with me proved to be an exercise in futility, since halloween is one of the bigger party weekends and they'd rather spend their time with women in slutty costumes.


So I'm turning to you, my commenting friends on the internets, for someone to take to the game on Saturday.

Here's how it goes down:

1. You'll submit a video for tomorrow's links (Can be something new, can be a YouTube classic, can be a football in the groin, so long as it "brings the funny," it'll work) to gametimelinks (at) with "Contest" or something like that in the subject. I'll be checking the e-mail until 2AM tonight for submissions. And make sure you put your commenter name in the e-mail just to make sure I don't confuse anybody with anyone else.

2. I'll post the video for tomorrow's links (Posted at 6AM) along with a poll at the bottom.

3. You, the commenters, will vote (and get your friends to vote) among all the videos posted for your favorite. Poll will close at 2PM. I'll then get in touch with the winner via e-mail to exchange phone numbers/meet-up info/whatever. After we meet me up at Scottrade, I'll pick up the tickets at Will Call and an evening of Blues Hockey will ensue.

Some Other Stuff:

  • I'll be cutting it damn close to the 7PM puck drop since I'm coming straight from a team activity with the Cross Country team out here at Maryville U (Leaving around 6:15 from school, right about where Highways 270 and 40 intersect). Just realize that we may not see the whole damn game in its entirety. Sorry for that.
  • One submission per commenter. Second and third videos submitted will be stashed away for future link usage.
  • I have no clue what section the tickets are in. All I know is I have two tickets waiting for me at Will Call.
  • Any other questions? Post a comment and I'll do my best to answer them throughout the evening.