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Sunday Links: "We Fear No Two Goal Deficit" Edition

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Blues News:

NHL News:

  • Every single team was in action last night. Scores for you.
  • Standings. The Blues are looking back at the rest of the conference alongside...Colorado? Yep.
  • No games today. Sorry.
  • Charles Wang and his band of Islanders are open to looking for a new home.
  • Gary Bettman doesn't see NHL players beyond the 2010 Olympics. I'm sure Ovechkin and Malkin will take this lying down.

Other Stuff:

  • As mentioned and promised yesterday, here's your semi-weekly bacon fix.
  • The Wisconsin Tourism Federation just got the joke.
  • Stumbled upon this while putting together a comment for the post-game celebration. It's Paperboy!


File under "You should have seen this already." Oic has this as a Fanshot, so kudos to her for getting this up here first.

And since we're talking about our rivals' tears tasting so delicious...


That's all the merriment I can bring for one weekend. Averagejoe is back tomorrow. Send him stuff for what might be a slow Monday (because of no Sunday games) at gametimelinks (at)