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Top 11 Things Said By Wings Fans While Flying Home From Sweden

11. Man, the Red Wings haven't been in last place my entire life. No wait, that's not true. Not since I became a fan after they won that Stanley Cup in the late 1990s.

10. If the Wings are going to be this bad all season, standing in the unemployment line is going to be REALLY depressing.

 9. Oh I'm not worried. As soon as Stevie Y is back in the lineup, everything will be fine.

 8. Remember when I cheered Osgood when we won the Cup? I didn't mean it. I hate that guy.

 7. I can't wait to see what those bitter Blues fans write to illustrate their ignorance at that one jackass site. I hate those guys. They're not funny. The're not original. They use four letter words. They don't take blogging seriously, but they have all those hits and comments. Mostly from degenerates....I wish the Wings could beat them.

 6. If Chrysler can get a bailout, why not the WIngs?

 5. I want to follow a team that has a better chance of winning. Your boss still have those Lions tickets?

 4. Man, when are they going to fire Babcock?

 3. That jet lag was a motherfucker. I dreamed the Wings lost both games. Man, that would really, really suck.

 2. For the first time since I got it 10 years ago, I'm ashamed to be wearing this Kirk Maltby jersey.

 1. I'm glad there aren't that many games against the Blues left on the schedule.