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Last look behind the scenes of NHL Premiere in Sweden: our pictures and video's of the Blues...

European Game Time Meetup
European Game Time Meetup

Reporting from Sweden.... I'm still here in Stockholm! LAST LOOK BEHIND THE SCENES.

(and wow, it was great to laugh at all the Wings fans out here....)

Will keep it short this time, just getting the last pictures and movies from Game 2 against the Red Wings out there on Game Time....

It was a pleasure to meet DanGNR, BlueMonday, Marcus and even Pierre (I forgot your Game Time username, I'm sorry)....And it was also a pleasure to report from Sweden to you guys out there in the USA...

Later this week I will provide one last roundup, including a nice videoclip....!

Here are some last pictures and vids...and let me also tell you my own personal good news: I got my shirt signed in the locker room by McDonald and Tkachuk.... (you  me lucky bastard lol) YEY!  :) (it was a once in a lifetime chance being from Amsterdam ofcourse...)

Hope you all enjoyed our coverage from overhere in Stockholm!

More after the jump...!! ENJOY.


Sneak peek in the locker room after the Blues vs Red Wings in Stockholm, game 2 (via BoskeLogan)

GameTime's DanGNR section, and A GOAL BY THE BLUES LIVE ON VIDEO (via BoskeLogan)


Intro before Game 2 of Blues vs Red Wings in Sweden (via BoskeLogan)


Let me take you on a walk from entrance to Media Room (via BoskeLogan)