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Monday links: The still high from a perfect start edition

Well, well -- a 2-0 start. Who could have predicted that? How sweet it is. Anyway let's get to the links. Heads up, they're going to be pretty brief today. One, I'm at my parents house and two nothing happened Sunday. Enjoy.

Blues news

  • T.J. Oshie is going to give us direct access this year. His first "vlog" is a min-tour of the locker room and an awkward chat with David Perron. Mr. Uhh and Umms is a natural with the camera. [Blues] (Now with working link!)
  • After dispatching the Wings, the Blues are on top of the World! [MVN]

Hockey news

  • Hey look, the Islanders might be moving. I wonder if the NHL will charge a super-high relocation fee. [TSN]
  • Rostislav Klesa has a new four-year deal. [TSN]
  • Is Ray Emery a legit, bona-fide No.1 goalie? Maybe. [TSN -- McKenzie]
  • The Blues have exposed the Wings weakness in net. [ESPN]
  • The ancient Mike Modano is getting an X-ray. [Defending Big D]
  • From luvhockey, an ode to our favorite game. [Post Gazette]

Other links

  • From one of our fearless leaders (Gallagher) comes this bizarre site with an interesting url. [Fuck Detroit]
  • This is just weird, but entertaining. [grubby]
  • Bill Waterson, the awesome man behind Calvin and Hobbes, did more than just draw a cool kid and a tiger. [Geek Pad Show]


Remember that time the Blues beat the Wings twice in Sweden? That was awesome.


Bonus video

It is Monday and I usually play some kind of music. Well ... here's some more Darkness. (If you don't like it, send me songs for Mondays. Just email gametimelinks(at) with the subject music monday.)

Aight friends, enjoy the Monday.