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Top 11 Ways Blues Fans Passing Time Until Thursday Night

11. Sticking head in freezer to better acclimate to temperature change.

10. Practicing the bicurious power play dance.

 9. Watching the youtube clip of clinching the playoffs last season. Every 10 minutes.

 8. Yelling "Osssssssgoooooood!" for no good reason. And then apologizing to whoever is in the room.

 7. Trying on the third jersey followed by the Oshie followed by the Tkachuk followed by the Hull while ignoring the Gretzky.

 6. Watch Saturday's recorded game from Sweden, pause when they show Mike Babcock's stunned face on the screen near the final horn and laugh. Again.

 5. Look at tickets, quadruple check date time, row and seat number. Go to Google to make sure Atlanta still has a team.

 4. Watch recorded game seven of the Stanley Cup Finals, pause when they show the crying Red Wings players on the bench and laugh. Again.

 3. Watch Cardinal playoff game. Scream at TV for Pujols to freaking check somebody!

 2. Finalize paperwork on second mortgage for season's beer money.

 1. Refresh Game Time every 10 minutes.