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Thursday links: The Al MacInnis is getting a statue edition

I'm more excited about the Blues game tonight than that game going on in LA ... and especially that game in Columbia, Mo.

Blues news

  • Note to you lucky bastards going to the game: It's starting earlier than last year and traffic might be crazy. Oh and here's a preview. [Blues]
  • Chris Mason chatted with fans on the team Web site yesterday. [Blues]
  • Blues are playing the Thrashers. Check out Birdwatchers Anonymous for more on the Thrash ... or just talk to Hildymac. [Birdwatchers Anonymous]
  • The Blues are making sure the team doesn't get too high. Bonus: the first comment is a deranged Jackman basher. Morons. []
  • Some more news on Eric Brewer. John Davidson said he looks good. [Belleville News-Democrat]

Hockey news

  • Phoenix and Vancouer were the winners last night, both pretty convincingly. [Yahoo!]

  • Oh ... we gon' play tonight. Games galore. [Yahoo!]

  • The Leafs have been fined for tampering. That's it, just a fine. [TSN]
  • I've never had feeling either way on Brad May. Until today. May signed with the Red Wings. [TSN]
  • The Flames and Blackhwaks made a minor trade for some depth. [TSN]
  • Patrick Roy's son has pleaded guilty. [ESPN]
  • I'm really digging this blog. Behind the Net tackles +/-.[Behind the Net]

Other links

Al MacInnis

Inspired by an email from Poor College Student, we have a special section on Al MacInnis. Arguably the greatest defeseman in Blues history, the Blues are dedicating a statue to No. 2 for the home opener. We do links every day, but it's not every day Al gets honored. So onto the MacInnis links.

  • Al played 23 years with two teams. He came to the blues in 1994 when he was 31 years old. He finished his career with 340 career goals. [Hockey Reference]
  • Al was a legend of hockey who won the Stanley Cup and Conn Smythe in 1988-89. [Hockey Hall of Fame]
  • The man with the cannon shot will speak for corproate events. [Athlete Promotions]


Buckle up. We got some good ones, all finds courtesy of PCS.

First video: A tribute to the Blues career of Al.


Four more videos after the jump. Join me, will you?

Second video: A look at the shot.

Third video: A profile on TSN of Chopper.


Fourth video: Al retires.


Fiftth video: His Hall of Fame Speech