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You Write The Comedy: Home Opener Edition

If you're half as jittery and anxious as we are right now then this might be the least-productive day of your (semi) adult life. In fact, the only good thing coming out of all these work-hours to kill before the puck drops is that the hand-eye coordination you're building up as you quickly minimize your hockey website surfing browser every time you hear someone walking by your cubicle.

"Damn, that guy has been working on that spreadsheet all day. He's so dedicated."

But never fear, Blues fans, because the clock has no choice but to keep on ticking and the game has no choice but to start at 7 Central, so it'll be here soon enough. We'll be sure to have a pre-game/pre-party post for you at some point, followed of course by our GDT starting about 6 p.m. and a post-game wrap-up tonight. Beyond that, who knows what the day holds for us?

But for now, we might as well welcome in the visiting Thrashers with a You Write The Comedy, eh? We have no idea what is going on here, but we know that there must be something interesting running through these guys' heads. What, dear readers, do you think it might be?