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Friday links: Don't take the escalator after a loss edition

Well that sure was fun. Blues lose and the arena tries to kill the paying customers.

Blues news

Hockey news

  • Results from a full slate of games last night. [Yahoo!]
  • It's Friday night let's play some hockey ... wait, just two games on the schedule? Huh. [Yahoo!]
  • The Leafs got absolutely nothing for tampering. [Canada]
  • Shooting distance vs shooting percentage. [Behind the Net]

  • Things got bitey in Philly last night. [ESPN]

  • Jonas Gustavsson, the Monster, played one game and is now on the injured list. [TSN]

  • Sergei Shirokov, a guy many (including me) thought might be a breakout player ... is going to the AHL. [TSN]

  • Chris Chelios won't quit. He's going to be playing for the Chicago Wolves on Monday. [TSN]

  • From Carnie comes a hockey blog that made her laugh her ass off. [Lil Cindy Lou's Silly Hockey Blog]

Other links


Roman Polanski gets busted by Chris Hansen. Enjoy.

Poor College Student has the links this weekend. Send him stuff.