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Late Night Poll: Name That Baby!

Weird day in Game Time land today. Got the paper done fairly early and, as tends to happen when things are going too smoothly with this whole enterprise, the official GT copier decided to throw a new error at me. As I tried to wrestle copy after copy of the paper out of the behemoth, time got away from me. Printing two copies at a time before having to rip pieces out of the Kinko's-style copier and rebuild them by hand got me to a real All-Work-And-No-Play-Makes-Jack-A-Crazy-Motherfucker kind of place.

But finally I tricked that broke-ass piece of really expensive shit into printing all the copies of the paper I needed and got them racked, cracked and into the GT-Mobile to get them down to the game. After which we got to stand in the rain for two hours, fighting off hypothermia as we clutched at your insanely wet and crumpled dollar bills.

St. Louis Game Time: Glamour, baby, glamour.

So, I would have gotten some more stuff up on the website for you all but, as I may have mentioned, the day got a little crazy.

Also, Brad Lee had a kid. Actually, his wife did all the real work, but you know.

So it was a wild day for all of us, as you can see.

But really, probably wilder for me. I mean, I had the copier issues and all.

Anyway, despite the fact that they've already picked a name, I still think this is poll-worthy....