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Sunday Links: "Waiting For One of Those 'Hot Streaks' " Edition

Welcome one and all to the roller coaster that will be your 2009-10 St. Louis Blues!

Blues News:

  • Blues lay an egg leave a flaming bag of dog shit out on home ice. 4-0 bad guys.
  • I haven't seen anything concerning the extent of the McDonald injury. However, something should turn up on Jeremy Rutherford's Twitter account real soon.

NHL News:

Other Stuff:

  • It was a slow news day in Tennessee. So much so that they reported on it being a slow news day.
  • Some strange but true for you: Russian Road Roulette. And to think I could get PAID for running all those red lights
  • Some of the best Jack-O-Lanterns you'll ever see.


Liut! entertains us for Sunday with Ninja Tryouts.

And by popular demand of Chris Gift, it's the "Cribs" episode with the Teej.

AverageJoe is back tomorrow to link you through the work week.

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