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Canucks @ Blues GDT

So Gallagher and I have been talking about what we write up here for the game day threads. The other guy who writes these is dedicated to you people. He thinks out what he's going to write. Usually he mixes some history and news and stats and stuff and it's really thoughtful. And then 900 comments follow. Not a goddam one of them is about what he writes. I think that's funny. I haven't put work in a GDT since I don't know when. I know how you people roll.

But in deference to Gallagher and his effort and not wanting to let him show me up all the time, I'll contribute. As you read in the morning links, no Roberto Luongo tonight (cracked rib and flu). No Daniel Sedin (broken foot). That Sedin twin has only played four games this season.

And that's all I got. Hey, it's a paragraph. To make up for it, here's a top 11 list from tonight's paper. I'll admit, it's a little creepy.

But before we get to that, no local TV in St. Louis for tonight. Don't know if Center Ice will be blacked out. Might be a KMOX type of night.

Top 11 Ways Henrik Has Missed Daniel

11. Teammates aren't nearly as skilled at the shower soap game.
10. When Henrik has a bad dream, he only has Mr. Bear to console him.
9. Teaching Ryan Kesler the Sedin secret twin language has not gone as smoothly as he hoped.
8. The draft for their fantasy herring fisherman league wasn't as fun as usual.
7. Drying your own balls is a drag.
6. Most teammates are still calling him Daniel, or "The Good Twin."
5. Keeping the bad-ass orangish red goatee straight by yourself is hard work.
4. The bathtub big enough for two seems like such a waste now.
3. Cell phone minutes are through the fucking roof.
2. Winning the "Papa Loves Me Best" argument too simple as a solitary activity.
1. On off nights, he lounges in his room wearing one of Daniel's shirts so he can just smell him.

Can't think of a better way to kick this game off. This is your game day thread. Don't forget, you can always check in in on the Canuckleheads at Nucks Misconduct. If you like that kind of thing.

Now get to work.