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Blues Release Pent-Up Goals On Canucks

When it rains, it pours. Goals. Lots and lots of goals.

In their 6-1 win Tuesday night, the Blues scored four goals in the first period. That's as many goals as they scored in their last five games...COMBINED. Chalk this up as only the second win in the Drinkscotch Center this season. Oh, and David Perron had a hat trick. Hope you left the game topless, people.

Couple thoughts.

- It kind of figures that such a big, hopefully momentum-changing win happens when the first Blues game of the year isn't on local television.

- Thankfully Andrew Raycroft realized he's Andrew Raycroft. He had a sub-2.00 GAA before Thursday night. Not anymore. And then the Canucks brought out the recuperating Roberto Luongo. Since he can't score, that didn't do the trick, however I'm sure Vancouver was happy to avoid a 10-1 game.

- Perron, Andy McDonald and Brad Boyes combined for 10 points in the game. It would be nice if this outburst slingshots Boyes specifically. That dude is streaky. Hope this is the start of one.

- B.J. Crombeen and Cam Janssen both got into two fights in the game. Roman Polak got a 10-minute major. Maybe some of that feisty behavior rubbed off on the entire team. On Team 1380 last week, Janssen said he was frustrated against Phoenix last Thursday when he wasn't allowed to go when he wanted to and didn't understand the coaching staff's decisions. Doubt he'll be saying that now.

- David Perron just might be a star after all. I know we go back and forth on Perron, seemingly after every game. He's a kid. He's still getting stronger and learning. The potential is still there and oozing out all over the place. Like goals.

- This doesn't make up for last season's playoff sweep, but I'm sure there were a lot of smiles in the dressing room and hopefully a more relaxed atmosphere when the Blues go back at it Thursday night.

Now, it's video time. We serve you a Happy Meal, a frog and NAMBLA.

Thanks for your support of St. Louis Game Time. On a night when most fans can't actually see the game unless they had a ticket, we had more than 1,200 comments in the GDT. We thank you and hope you come back soon.