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Wednesday links: Who knew the Blues had that kind of firepower edition

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Well that sure was a lot of fun. Six goals, man. Six goals.They should do that more often. I'm glad to have David Perron on my fantasy team.

Blues news

Hockey news

  • Last night featured some good games. The Flames beat Montreal 1-0 on a goal by Jarome Iginla. Oh, and the Habs looked like the Wilds. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • It seems like the NHL schedules six games a night. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Think Phoenix has it bad? At least their players are getting paid. [New York Times]
  • Finally, the NHL's suspension policy has been unearthed. [Down Goes Brown]
  • Mike Danton has less hair but still the same amount of crazy. He insists he wasn't trying to kill his agent, but his dad. Because that is sooo much better. []
  • Dominik is not a fan of shootouts. [Lighthouse Hockey]
  • Stop me if you've heard this: A Swedish legend is debating coming back to the league and toying with going to Vancouver. This time, it's Peter Forsberg. [ESPN]
  • Dave Bolland is having back surgery.[ESPN]
  • Trapezoid stays, head shots go? Notes from Day 1 of the GM meetings.[TSN]
  • The NHL might renegotiate its lease with the city of Glendale. [TSN]
  • Jean-Sebastian Giguere says he'd rather retire than be a backup. Really? Play better and you won't have to decide that. [TSN]
  • Who knew Reid Simpson could formulate intelligent opinions. [Puck Daddy]

Other links


This video combines random lines from movies and television to form a coherent song. It's cooler than it sounds.

Finally, I'd like to say Happy Veterans Day to all. I know we have some vets around here -- and I'm not talking about Keith Tkachuk -- and I want to say, from the bottom of my heart, thanks. You guys basically put your life on the line so I can do make a living. Thanks for that.